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Study, white
Study, white
Study, white
Study, white
Study, white
Study, white
Study is a simple and charming light, that provides a soft and focused light intended for the office, den or bedroom. Its shell is made of a single cast metal part and is both evocative of iconic task lighting and resolutely domestic. With its elegant and modern expression, Study will light up any room.

Designed by M-S-D-S
A successful Canadian design studio founded by Jessica Nakanishi and Jonathan Sabine. With a modern approach to design, they create innovative design that engages contemporary culture while staying true to the inheritance of craftsmanship. Their work synthesises very meticulous considerations of colour, form and space, which results in simple designs.
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Study, white

Item number: 137011
Height227 mm
Width/Depth134 mm
Length159 mm
Weight0.98 kg
Volume0.01 m³
No. of boxes0.50
Box length375.00 mm
Box width/depth215.00 mm
Box height285.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B box2
Box weight1.48 kg