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Raining Circle rug, large burgundy
Raining Circle rug, large burgundy
Designed by Rikke Malling

Raining Circle is a woven rug designed with inspiration from the geometric Art Deco lines and shapes combined with the simple forms and materials from the 1970’s. Raining Circle is made with the finest wool and it cleverly masters the fine balance between being a subtle rug suitable for all interiors while offering details and a distinctive design.

Raining Circle is made with wool from New Zealand (40 %) and India (40 %) and 20 % cotton.

About the designer
Rikke Malling is Danish designer and stylist. Her approach to design is to create long-lasting originals with a great focus on quality and simplicity. The beautiful designs of Rikke Malling are always made with attention to durability. Every design is designed to be used – over and over again. Rikke Malling is driven by a natural curiosity and she has a passion for combining classic design with modern trends and usability.  

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Raining Circle rug, large burgundy

Item number: 160002
Width/Depth1700 mm
Length2400 mm
Weight5.55 kg
Volume0.10 m³
No. of boxes1.00
Box length0.00 mm
Box width/depth200.00 mm
Box height1,700.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B box1
Box weight5.80 kg