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Radius candle holder (large)
Radius candle holder (large)
Radius candle holder (large)
Radius candle holder (large)
Radius candle holder (large)
The Radius candle holder uses the circular shape as its main element. First as a base, second as a handle and third as a holder. With its circular shape, Radius inspires with its harmony and flawlessness. The simple construction makes it an elegant design suitable for any space. An honest take on a contemporary and modern candle holder.

Designed by Simon Morasi Piperčić
A multidisciplinary Croatian design office. With particular attention to function and aesthetics, Simon Morasi aims to create intuitive designs that are pleasant to use. The inspiration for his design is found in human behaviour, context and environment while exploring the potential of different materials, technologies and manufacturing processes.
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Radius candle holder (large)

Item number: 150141
Height78 mm
Width/Depth210 mm
Length170 mm
Weight0.27 kg
Volume0.00 m³
No. of boxes0.25
Box length370.00 mm
Box width/depth450.00 mm
Box height186.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B box4
Box weight0.40 kg