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O&O clothes rack (large) black
When two become one. Or vice versa. A vision that forms the basis of the design’s distinctive feature and name. O&O is inspired by two different-shaped O-rings that belong together and can be arranged as desired in a variety of positions. The two separate elements, in different heights and widths, rise from the ground as a sleek but stable construction. Beautiful on their own or as a merged unit. This attributes a non-static and dynamic character to the design. With its flexible feature, O&O is ideal for the modern lifestyle. Place it in the hallway, walk-in closet or bedroom or move it between the spaces and arrange it as desired in a variety of positions.

Designed by Christine Rathmann
a talented German designer. Living a life close to Scandinavia has become a source of inspiration for Christine Rathmann. The clean lines of the Scandinavian design tradition are the essence of her designs. Pure and timeless. With a touch of poetry and aesthetic details, she aims to find direct access to the observer.
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O&O clothes rack (large) black

Item number: 120240
Height1590 mm
Width/Depth480 mm
Length810 mm
Weight7.80 kg
Volume0.05 m³
No. of boxes1.00
Box length896.00 mm
Box width/depth493.00 mm
Box height120.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B box1
Box weight9.00 kg