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NUR Design

In German, the word NUR means ‘only’ and ‘simply’ which is the essential expression of the designs from Studio Nur. The designer behind the studio, Maja Bøgh Vindbjerg, takes her inspiration from the Nordic traditions. This, along with her understanding of production methods and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities various materials afford, results in minimalistic and simple solutions in form and level of detail.

Geyma sideboard, high
Item number: 120300

Geyma sideboard, low
Item number: 120400

Gap pendant, short
Item number: 133001

Baenk, smoked oak
Item number: 101009

Lean lounge chair, mustard yellow
Item number: 100712

Lean lounge chair, dark blue
Item number: 100711

Lean lounge chair, grey
Item number: 100710

Gap pendant, tall white
Item number: 133004

Gap pendant, short white
Item number: 133003

Gap pendant round, white
Item number: 133006

Gap pendant round, black
Item number: 133005

Lean lounge chair, black
Item number: 100718

Lean lounge chair, rust
Item number: 100726

Auka flower stand
Item number: 150117

Baenk bench, oak
Item number: 101060