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Mirror Box
Mirror Box
Mirror Box
Mirror Box
Mirror Box
Mirror Box
Mirror Box
Mirror Box
Designed by Laura Bilde

Mirror Box is more than just a mirror. The steel frame construction fits four perforated storage boxes, a black marble plate and a mirror. The storage boxes and the marble plate can be moved to suit individuals needs, which makes Mirror Box perfect for the hallway, bedroom, bathroom or office. With the graphic expression and minimalist design, Mirror Box works as a beautiful decoration on any wall.

The mirror is Ø50 cm.

About the designer
Laura Bilde is a talented Danish designer who won the award ‘Upcoming of the year’ at the Design Awards 2016. Laura’s designs are characterised by the Scandinavian simplicity where aesthetics and function are crossed in a sculptural universe. Laura manages to experiment with materials and simple details that bring joy into the use of her design.
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Mirror Box

Item number: 140150
Diameter500 mm
Height550 mm
Width/Depth120 mm
Length750 mm
Weight4.90 kg
Volume0.06 m³
No. of boxes2.00
Box length0.00 mm
Box width/depth0.00 mm
Box height0.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B boxPCS
Box weight8.00 kg