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Lunar pendant (medium)
The Lunar pendant is an elegant combination of soft light and sleek black metal inspired by the night sky. Embracing modern architectural design while honouring the ancient astronomical observations. The three halos circling the opal glass sphere illustrate the cycle of waning and waxing moons and create an impression of a glorious full moon. Viewing the design from different angles, the moon’s phases will change and throw harmonious shadows. The minimalistic design and sculptured form make Lunar a delicate, distinctive piece above the dining or coffee table, both individually and in clusters.

Designed by Johanna Hartikainen
A young and upcoming Finnish designer and interior architect based in Helsinki. Inspired by nature and its phenomenons, she has a playful approach to design combined with a dedication to Scandinavian simplicity.
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Lunar pendant (medium)

Item number: 132091
Diameter260 mm
Height350 mm
Weight2.20 kg
Volume0.04 m³
No. of boxes1.00
Box length190.00 mm
Box width/depth305.00 mm
Box height565.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B box1
Box weight3.20 kg