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Fasting & Rolff

The experience of Henrik Rolff and the innovative mind of Rasmus Fasting are combined in timeless designs that are to guide us in new directions. "We exert ourselves. We create furniture with character and quality for the present and future generations" says Rasmus Fasting. The collaboration between Fasting and Rolff started ten years ago when Fasting still studied at the School of Architecture. Through the yers, the studio has developed a wide range of furniture for acknowledged brands. With the RAY outdoor collection, Fasting and Rolff show how functionality and aesthetics are united in a simple, modern and thoroughly constructed series of furniture.

RAY café chair seat pad, taupe
Item number: 300130

RAY square café table, rose pink
Item number: 300046

RAY bench, rose pink
Item number: 300032

RAY bench, blue
Item number: 300031

RAY bench, white
Item number: 300030

RAY bench, charcoal black
Item number: 300029

RAY café armchair, rose pink
Item number: 300011

RAY café armchair, white
Item number: 300009

RAY café chair, rose pink
Item number: 300004

RAY café chair, white
Item number: 300002

RAY outdoor bench seat pad, taupe
Item number: 300142