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Duo side table 2.0
Duo side table 2.0
Duo side table 2.0
Duo side table 2.0
Duo side table 2.0
Duo side table 2.0
Duo is inspired by ‘vesica piscis’; the shape of two overlapping circles with the same radius. The idea of the designer, Chifen Cheng, was to convert the geometric composition into a table while capturing a glimpse of light. The metal frame supports the two tabletops, which makes the Duo side table simultaneously delicate and steady while offering an appearance of tranquillity. With its thin and elegant construction and smoked glass top, the side
table creates a light expression.

Designed by Chifen Cheng
A Taiwanese-born Canadian designer currently living in London. She manages, develops and designs interior projects and products. With an aim to improve people’s lives and to design a better future, she creates efficient, meaningful and compelling products that make a difference. Her inspiration originates from the way lines and shapes intersect space.
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Duo side table 2.0

Item number: 110731
Diameter450 mm
Height510 mm
Width/Depth450 mm
Length510 mm
Weight9.70 kg
Volume0.19 m³
No. of boxes1.00
Box length552.00 mm
Box width/depth575.00 mm
Box height600.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B box1
Box weight14.20 kg