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Diagonal bench, grey
Diagonal bench, grey
Diagonal bench, grey
Diagonal bench, grey
Diagonal bench, grey
Diagonal bench, grey
Designed by Signe Hytte

The Diagonal bench is created to give a sense of simplicity and symmetry at first glance only to reveal a small detail that was slightly off looking closer. Both pairs of legs are connected using transversely diagonal tubes that face opposite each other on either end of the table. When the bench is seen from the end, the diagonal tubes form a perfect X. Inspired by the constructions of scaffoldings at building sites, the combination of the light construction and the dark material creates a distinct, graphic and minimalistic profile.

About the designer
Signe Hytte is a talented Danish designer who graduated from the Design + Business school TEKO in 2012. She was been nominated for ‘Upcoming of the year’ at Design Awards 2016. “The essence of my work is simplicity. I aim to create functional objects that can be of everyday use. I design honest solutions, both in terms of construction, materials and aesthetics. Reducing a piece to its core is - to me - the most challenging and difficult aspect of designing, but also the most rewarding.” – Signe Hytte
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Diagonal bench, grey

Item number: 101003
Height450 mm
Width/Depth350 mm
Length1600 mm
Weight17.20 kg
Volume0.19 m³
No. of boxes3.00
Box length0.00 mm
Box width/depth0.00 mm
Box height0.00 mm
No. of pieces pr. B2B box1
Box weight20.90 kg