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Steffen Juul

“It is the attraction of the design, which allows users to interact with it. Form, function, attitude and idea is mixed and everything superfluous is cut away. I am driven by the design attractiveness and throughout the design process. Time changes our perception of the things we surround ourselves with and designing for tomorrow is a daily inspiration and a glorious challenge” - Steffen Juul

Come Here side table, oak
Item number: 110710

Come Here side table, black
Item number: 110711

Come Here side table, light blue
Item number: 110712

Come Here side table, smoked oak
Item number: 110716

Nunu elephant, medium
Item number: 150037

Nunu elephant, small
Item number: 150036

Come Here side table, grey
Item number: 110717

Rina Rhinoceros, small
Item number: 150035

Rina Rhinoceros, medium
Item number: 150034

Hibo Hippopotamus, small
Item number: 150033

Hibo Hippopotamus, medium
Item number: 150032

Nunu elephant, mini
Item number: 150029

Rina Rhinaceros, mini
Item number: 150028

Hibo Hippopotamus, mini
Item number: 150027