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Rikke Frost

Rikke Frost established her own studio in Aarhus in 2004. “I am often fascinated by a material or method for production. Through the combination of materials and utilisation of qualities, I add the design a natural applicability. I create designs that should be seen, felt and touched. The idiom is recognisable and simple with focus on colours, details and functions to give a sense of a solid design” – Rikke Frost

Dot pendant, small black
Item number: 133010

Dot pendant, medium black
Item number: 133011

Dot pendant, large black
Item number: 133012

Dot pendant, small white
Item number: 133013

Dot pendant, medium white
Item number: 133014

Dot pendant, large white
Item number: 133015

Haak hook, black
Item number: 150039

Haak hook, dark grey
Item number: 150038

Verde Mirror
Item number: 150006