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Kasper Nyman

Kasper Nyman is a Finnish designer who designs his products from a strong idea with identity, functionality and quality at focus. “I strive to challenge my self and the materials used in order to create products that comprehend modern Scandinavian design and visual simplicity. My major focus in design is on material and construction and I base my products on a strong idea, identity, functionality and quality” – Kasper Nyman

Mono bar stool, black
Item number: 100813

Mono dining chair, oak
Item number: 100010

Mono dining chair, black
Item number: 100011

Mono bar stool, oak
Item number: 100810

Mono counter chair, oak
Item number: 100910

Mono counter chair, black
Item number: 100911

Mono lounge chair, oak
Item number: 100701

Mono lounge chair, black
Item number: 100702

Pause dining chair, grey
Item number: 100006

Pause bar stool , grey
Item number: 100806

Tail wing hook (medium) oak
Item number: 150041

Tail wing hook (small) oak
Item number: 150040

Tail wing (medium) black
Item number: 150043

Tail wing (small) black
Item number: 150042

Pause dining seat pad, beige
Item number: 108033

Pause dining seat pad, blue
Item number: 108032

Pause dining seat pad, green
Item number: 108031

Pause counter/bar seat pad, beige
Item number: 108053